Left to right, Dove Jones, vocals & keyboard, Ryan Hamilton, lead guitar, Jon Steely, drums, Jai Hobbs, lap steel guitar, Patrick Mahon, trumpet & Danny Geffin, base guitar; all chilling between takes at Westbourne Studios, Islington, London 

Dove's no ordinary guy.  We grew up 10 miles from each other in northern Ohio, only to meet in London decades later...small world!

Dove doing his thing, namaste...

Ryan's talents aren't limited to the musical; during the day he's a graphic designer at Harpers Bazaar...

Patrick Mahon on trumpet, Ryan Hamilton on lead guitar

Jon Steely keeping the beat and more, much more

Dany Geffin building the base bones of the music

Ryan doing his magic

Jai Hobbs on lap steel guitar

Patrick's Irish and it shows in his smile

Patrick on solo

Dove, yet again!

Some lovely DJ Connection fans

Dove & Jai



Dove Jones, vocals & keyboard, right, speaking with the producer at The Spice of Life, Soho, London

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